Visa Electron Debit Card

Visa Electron is an international debit card with no requirement for a minimum blocked account balance. With this card you can shop and make payments in more than 24 million restaurants, hotels, stores, etc., and withdraw cash in every ATM in Albania and abroad, as well as make payments on Internet sites where this card type is accepted.

You can withdraw cash as soon as you need it

If you need cash funds you can withdraw them from any ATM throughout the world.
Only your Visa Electron and your signature are required to make a cash withdrawal from 250 000 bank cash-desks around the world.

You can pay for everything with only one card

With Visa Electron you can pay for your purchases in Albania free of charge.

Shopping on the Internet

This can be done with Internet merchants that accept this card type. The payment is made by entering the card number, validity date and CVV (Card Verification Value) code in cases when it is required on the Internet site. As an exception it is possible for other information to be required. The payment can be effected only after electronic authorization.

You can choose the currency of your card account

You can choose the currency of your account according to your income or the predominant currency of your foreign travels. The Bank will open an account in Leks (ALL) or Euro (EUR).

Security of your card transactions

The transactions made with Visa Electron are secured electronic operations, made on POS and ATM devices with 100% authorization from the issuing bank. The cardholder verification is made through a signature and PIN code. To guarantee the safety of your card, keep your PIN code from other people's access.

VISA Electron as a debit card

If you receive your monthly income on your Visa Electron card account, the Bank will allow you an overdraft to the amount of four net salaries. This will allow you to use amounts from the Bank on debit covered by your future income.

Card Parameters:

 Currency  ALL, EUR
 Validity  3 years
 Card Account Interest Rate  According to Tariffs
 Card type  Visa Electron
 Issued to a natural person who is a holder of the card account
 Supplementary  Issued at the order of the card accountholder to his/her family members or relatives.


The conditions we offer:

 Visa Electron Debit Card Issuance  Free of charge 
 Card Account Maintenance  As per Fibank`s Tariff
 Cash withdrawal from Fibank ATM  Free of charge
 Cash withdrawal from ATMs in Albania  200 ALL
 ATM abroad  2.5% of withdrawed amount, min 500 ALL
 Payment at POS terminal:  Free of charge



First Investment Bank issues VISA Electron Debit Card with chip technology FREE OF CHARGE.

You can apply for issuance of a debit card in one of the following ways:

  • Visit a Fibank branch and fill in "Debit Card Issuance Application". The only requirement is for you to present an identification document;
  • by applying on Internet on our website. 

After your Debit Card Issuance Application is processed you will receive your debit card within 3 working days at the bank branch you have chosen in advance.

Renewal of VISA Electron Debit Card:

  • The term of validity of VISA Electron Debit Card is 3 years.
  • On the face of your card, you can see an embossed numerical indication showing its term of validity, using the following format: VALID 04/20 THRU
  • The first two digits indicate the month, and third and fourth digit indicate the year. Thus in the above example the card is valid until the end of April 2020.
  • After its term of validity has expired, it can be automatically renewed and available by the 20th day of the month of expiry of the old card, at the bank branch where the Issuance Application was submitted.
  • If your card gets stolen or lost, if you forget your PIN or if any other reason necessitates the card reissuance, you will have to visit a Fibank branch and present an identity document. Fibank`s officer will offer cooperation in resolving any matter on which you might need any assistance.

Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

You can apply for Visa Classic if:

  • You have Albanian citizenship and are resident
  • You are over 18 years old
  • You can validate your income

Apply now for your Visa Classic card by submitting:

  • Identity Card / Passport
  • A document that verifies your income or your salary
  • Documents that prove other possible income

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