Virtual Branch

The Virtual Branch enables you to use the following services in real time:

Bank Transfers inside of personal accounts;

These are bank transfers between personal accounts of the client in any currency, including ALL.

Internal Transfers;

These are bank transfers in ALL and other currencies within First Investment Bank;

TAX Payments;

These are payments made ​​for different TAX-es.

Utility Payments;

These are payments for the companies CEZ, Albtelecom, One Telecommunications Sha, Vodafone, EAGLE, ABCOM, PRIMO.

SWIFT Transfers;

These are international and domestic bank transfers in foreign currencies.

Transfers in ALL out of Bank;

These are domestic bank transfers in ALL.

Preferential routing request;

The user have the right to request for a preferential routing for every transaction that he performs.The payment would be executed , only after the request would be approved.

Transactions Limits:

The transactions limits are the maximum value of the transactions each client can perform via the Virtual Branch. The limits are applicable to individuals or corporate clients and are as follows:
  • transaction limit of ALL 500.000,00 or an equivalent amount in other currency;
  • daily limit of ALL 2.000.000,00 or an equivalent amount in other currency.
Each client wishes to perform payments with limits different from the limits defined by the bank may change them by submitting in person an application in one of Fibank's agencies and set customized payment limits.


List of Reports

  • Account balance
  • Draw of account
  • Account movements
  • Maturity dates for deposits
  • Credit statement
  • Daily course of Bank

System Requirements;

Internet Browser: MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox last versions.

E-Banking Registration Procedure

Visit the web site

In order to register for internet banking service with the Virtual Branch of FIBANK you need to visit its web site at, go to the Registration Menu and enter your personal data: user name, password, email address, etc, and after that confirm that information.

At FIBANK agencies

If you are not able to register from the Virtual Branch's web site, the registration can be performed by our staff in one of FIBANK's agencies.

After successfully completing the registration confirm it in any of our agencies

If the registration is successful you should visit one of FIBANK's agencies to confirm the registration and to sign the application form for the e-banking service, the declaration of responsibility of both pairs and also contract with the Bank. You can do this in any of the agencies of First Investment Bank by showing your ID documents to the staff of the bank.

Client does the generation of security certificate.

Bank does the confirmation of generated certificate by the client.

After confirmation of the certificate the client can use the e-banking service.

Offline Payments

During the bank procedures when the system stops, all the transactions stay in pending status. System operator after the system opening does the authorization of transactions which are pending.
Change of Password
Client must change by himself the password of his account in e-banking
In case of losing the password , with the client signed request , the administrator of e-banking would do the password change.
Exit from System
After finished using of e-banking service, client must always to exit from the site of e-banking service and never to allow near his computer unauthorized persons during he uses e-banking service.
In cases that internet is detached or has any other problem with internet, the exit from e-banking site is automatically. In case that the client is in e-banking site but for 15 minutes he is not working on it, the Bank, as security measure will detach you automatically.
E-Banking service site of Bank is secure and the Bank has tried to offer measures of high security level in case to prevent unauthorized persons to read the information.

Have a nice banking!

E-BANKING Terms and Conditions

1. Monthly fee for E-Banking Service (full) 2.00 EUR
2. Account Opening Fee Free of charge
3. Yearly Tax  
4. Transfers in Local Currency  
    a. Internal Free of charge
    b. Interbank  
       i. AECH (under 1.5 million) tom value date 400.00 ALL
          AECH (under 1.5 million) tom value date 500.00 ALL
      ii. AIPS (equal or over 1.5 million) spot value date 1,000.00 ALL
          AIPS (equal or over 1.5 million) same and tomorrow value date 1,500.00 ALL
5. Transfers in foreign Currency  
    a. Internal Free of Charge
    b. Interbank  
     With same or tomorrow value-date (express or 1 day value date)  0.20% min. EUR/USD/GBP 20 - max. EUR/USD/GBP 250
      With spot value-date (2 days value-date)  0.15% min. EUR/USD/GBP 15 - max. EUR/USD/GBP 200
6. Generating a new password for access 1.00 EUR
7. Onsite visit at request of the client 20.00 EUR
8. Issuance of electronic signature by individual policy of FIBank Free of Charge
9. USB/Token 20.00 EUR
10. Limit of the transaction (limits are in local currency, for international payments it will be the equivalent in the respective currency)  
    a. Limit per Transaction 500 000 ALL
    b. Daily Limit 2 000 000 ALL


  • For Interbank transfers in foreign currency the client shall pay additional SWIFT fee as defined in Terms and Conditions of FIBANK Albania
  • For Interbank transfers in local currency an additional fixed fee is applied for transfers (AIPS or AECH) done with the same day value date as per the client request.
Virtual Branch

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