Special Accounts

Fibank provides you with the opportunity to open special accounts connected with the fulfillment of some predefined conditions upon the closure of deals by natural or legal persons, for example the purchase of a real estate, etc.

A tripartite agreement is made between the Bank, the legal entity - fund beneficiary and a third person - the ordering party. The funds can be used once the conditions of the agreement have been observed..

Escrow accounts can be opened by both individuals and legal entities, who should fill in and file an application for bank account opening at a branch of the Bank of their choice. The legal entities and Sole Proprietors file the same documents as those required for current account opening.

The special account can be opened in LEK, EUR ,USD or GBP at the customer's discretion.

Charges and fees are applied in accordance with the effective Bank's Terms and Conditions.


Bank Accounts

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