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How can you protect yourself from bank card fraud?

Protect your personal information

  1. Do not leave your wallet or your purse unsupervised;
  2. Check your monthly statements regularly and carefully. If you stop receiving them, call the Bank;
  3. Never give information about your card number via the telephone;
  4. Remember your keywords for distant identification to the bank as well as your PIN codes. Do not write down your card number or your PIN code.

How can you shop on the Internet safely?

  1. When you shop online you have to be certain of the reputation of the merchant. Get acquainted with his “security policy”;
  2. Make sure that you do not not write anywhere, in any manner, that you agree that your card be debited with additional subscription charges, etc.; 
  3. Read the sale conditions such as delivery term, guarantee conditions, cancellations of purchase;
  4. Protect your personal data. Never submit any information about yourself if you are not sure that it is necessary;
  5. Keep your correspondence. Keep all the information connected with the transaction you are making;
  6. Never, under any circumstances, enter your PIN code on the Internet.

How can you protect yourself from fraud when shopping in merchant locations?

  1. Never leave the card out of your sight while the transaction is being made. As soon as the transaction is finished, take your card back;
  2. Make sure that nobody is watching you enter your PIN code;
  3. Make sure that the amount on the receipt you are signing is correct. Never sign an empty receipt in a merchant location. Cross out all the empty fields for amounts above the total amount field;
  4. Always keep the receipts for the purchases you have made – they can serve you later.

At the ATM…

  1. Make sure there is nobody close to you and hide the keyboard with your hand while entering your PIN code;
  2. Pay attention to the slit where you putting in your card, there should be no outside interference or additionally attached device;
  3. Never reveal your PIN code to third parties, even if they are presenting themselves as bank officers;
  4. Change your PIN code if you have any doubts that it has been revealed;
  5. if the ATM keeps your card, immediately inform the issuing bank in order to have your card blocked; 
  6. If you feel insecure in some way, press CANCEL button and quit the transaction. 

The 24-hour telephone numbers of First Investment Bank are at your disposal: 

  • 088 868 10 10;
  • (02) 817 1143;
  • (02) 817 1144;
  • 0800 12 012 - Department "Card Payments”.

First Investment Bank issues bank cards with chip technology – Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards and Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

With the newest chip technology Fibank provides you with maximum security and protection of your money by offering you a modern product of the highest quality.

The new debit and credit cards of Fibank are issued with chip and magnetic tape. The chip provides maximum protection of your data and excludes the opportunity for unauthorized access to your funds and the magnetic tape allows you to use your card on all types of ATM machines and POS terminals throughout the world. The chip technology provides multifunctionality and additional services.

Why is the card with chip technology the better card?

  • With a debit card with chip the balance on your account is updated in “real time”. It is not necessary to specify a certain amount to be available for card transactions. You will have access to your money through your card as well as directly from your account. The account of the debit card with chip can be used with no limitations from the Internet banking branch;
  • All transactions with chip debit and credit cards are executed online and the actual available balance on the card account can be seen at the ATM as of the moment of the transaction;
  • The amounts deposited to your account are available for card transactions immediately;
  • We advise you to change the PIN code of your chip debit or credit card as soon as you get it. This can be done at any ATM of Fibank free of charge;
  • It is important to know that most of the transactions with your chip debit/credit executed on a POS terminal should be authorized by entering a PIN code;
  • The card daily limit is renewed 24 hours after the transaction. The weekly limits are renewed every 168 hours after the transaction;  
  • There is a wide choice of ATM and POS limits which ensure better control and additional security for your funds; 
  • If you wish, you can change the limits you have chosen by visiting the Fibank branch that is most convenient for you.
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