"Paga Fibank" for individuals

Make your choice and make your everyday life easier and more comfortable
Fibank offers bank packages for easy banking:

Package "Paga Fibank" - Take the Maximum

Products / Services Benefits:
  • Financing up to 6 net salaries 
  • Competitive interest rate (applied over the used amount and days) 
  • No application fee
  • Only address verification is required
Consumer loan
  • Financing up to 1 000 000 ALL 
  • Only with co borrower
  • Low monthly installment, 1% lower interest than the standard interest
  • The longest term in the market, up to 7 years
  • Fast evaluation and approval within 24 hours
  • Only address verification is required
Consumer loan with cash collateral
  • Financing up to 95% of the deposit or saving account amount
  • Currency: ALL; USD; EUR
  • Preferential interest
  • Approval and withdrawal of the funds within the day
Mortgage loan "5 Stars"
  • The longest maturity in the market, up to 30 years
  • Very preferential Interest rates
  • No limit for the loan amount
  • Simple procedure and flexible conditions
Debit cards
  • International use, wherever you see VISA logo
  • Maintenance commissions are ZERO for the card.
  • One of the few Debit Cards in Albania that you can make INTERNET transactions WITHOUT ANY commissio
Credit cards
  • Available in three currencies Eur, All, USD
  • Pre-approved limit 50,000 All (300 Euro or 300 USD)
  • 0 Annual maintenance fee
  • 0 Commission for POS and online purchases
  • 0 Commission for ATM withdrawals in Fibank ATM-s untill 31.12.2017
Bank Transfers
a. Open of the account No Commision No Commision
b. Account maintenance No Commision 100 ALL /1 Euro
c. Statemant of bank  for the current account, requested at customer service No Commision No Commision
d. Exchange
No Commision No Commision
e. Cash Deposits in All Currencies
No Commision No Commision

You can benefit from e-banking service for free:

  • Statements and movements for all your accounts 
  • Balances of your accounts 
  • Salary check 
And all this from the comfort of your own home!

You may apply for package "My choice" and package "My choice online" visiting the most convenient for you branch of the Bank.

It is necessary to:

  • Submit an Application according to sample form of Fibank;
  • Sign Package Contract.

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