Overdraft for Pensioner

When you take your monhtly pension in fibank, use every advanatage!

Overdraft is an approved limit for a client to go on debit balance in the current account, where the monthly pension payment is transferred and has a debit card attached or not, and gives you the advantage:

  • Use a lending product without a fixed repayment plan
  • Use a debit card to pay in shops and on-line
  • Withdraw funds from a FIBANK ATM without commission 

If you use the overdraft on Electronic Debit Card, you benefit:

  • Security and independence - you have access to funds up to one net monthly pensioner at all times
  • Effectiveness - The interest that you have to pay is calculated only over the used amount
  • Flexibility - The usage and repayment are entirely up to you - access the funds by using an ATM or POS and be independent from the working hours of the branch
  • Fast evaluation and approval - limit equal to one monthly assistance is pre-approved without any additional requirements

Parameters of the product:

Maximum Limit
  • One net monthly pension is pre-approved
  • Up to one net monthly pension
Maximum tenure
  • Up to 6 months, depending on the disability certificate
Annual Interest rate
  • ALL: 12.90% 
  • Overdraft regime
Management commission
  • 1.00% 
Precontractual Information


You can apply for this product if:

  • You are an Albanian citizen
  • Pensioner who receive the pension in FIBANK

If you cover the points above and would like to apply for an Overdraft on EDC for Disabled People in FIBANK, it is necessary to:

  1. To fulfill an application form in one of the branches of FIBANK and to submit the required documents 
  2. In case of approval of the application form - to sign the overdraft agreement

Personal documents of the applicant:

  • Copy of the ID card or the passport
  • Address verification (certificate of address registration; or " OSHSE "/"Albtelekom" passbooks; last month invoice or property certificate)
  • Copy of booklet of the pension

Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

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