National Currency Fund Transfers

You have the option to order national currency payments from any branch of the Bank regardless of the branch where your account is opened and managed. You can receive or initiate fund transfers from/to a Fibank's account by an interbank transfer, from/to an account with another bank via the national payment system AECH or via the real time gross settlement system (AIPS). You just need to know the international bank account number (IBAN), the beneficiary's name and you have to fill in a payment order for credit transfer.

  • The interbank fund transfers represent payments between First Investment Bank’s customer accounts and they are executed in real time.
  • Payments via the AECH (Albanian Electronic Clearing House) system areexecuted between customer accounts with different banks for amounts up to ALL 1 500 000. Your payment order for credit transfer will be executed on the same working day or on the next working day, depending on the time you have deposited the payment order at the bank and the commission you pay;
  • Payments via the AIPS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) system are executed in national currency for amounts equal or above ALL 1 500 000 or for smaller amounts, upon an explicit request by the customer. The standard value date for executing AIPS transfers is two working days. For express fund transfers with next working day value date or same working day value date additional charges are applied in accordance with the bank's Terms and Conditions.. 


Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

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