Mortgage Loan "For any purpose"

Consumer Loan with Collateral "For any purpose" gives you the advantage to finance every necessity that you may have:

  • Improve an existing immovable property
  • Cover unexpected expenses
  • Buy a movable property - car, furniture, home appliances
  • Refinance an obligation in another financial institution
  • For any purpose and desire

At the most preferential terms:

  • Equal monthly installments for efficient planning of your monthly budget
  • It is not requested documentation for the purpose

Parameters of the product:

Purpose For any purpose
Maximum loan amount
 10 000 000 ALL;
Maximum tenure
240 months (up to 5 000 000 ALL the maturity is max 180 months;starting from 5 000 001 ALL up to 10 000 000 ALL the maturity is max 240 months)
% of lending
75% of the market valuation of the property set as collateral

Real estate property in administrative building or residential building, located in the main cities where Fibank is present.

Annual Interest rate For amounts up to 5 000 000 ALL the interest rate will be:
  • EURIBOR 12M + 4%, not less then 4%
  • TBILLS 12M + 2.5%, not less then 4.9%
For amounts over 5 000 000 ALL the interest rate will be:
  • ALL: 2.9% fix for the first year; TBILLS 12M + 2.5% not less then 4.9% for the remaining period
  • EUR: 1.9% fix for the first year; TBILLS 12M + 4% not less then 4% for the remaining period
 Equal monthly (annuity) installments during the whole loan tenure
Loan application and processing fee
  • 5 000 ALL for a loan below 3 000 000 ALL; 
  • 7 000 ALL for a loan above 3 000 000 ALL, 
  • applied after the disbursement
Management commission
  • 1.00%

Early repayment Fee

 As per tariff
Renegotiation commission

 1.50% for changes in collateral, interest rate, term

Evaluation report

Paid by the Borrower

Insurance of the property
Paid by the Borrower
Precontractual Information


You are eligible to apply for this product if:


  • You are an Albanian citizen
  • You are employed or self-employed with a yearly turnover not less than 8 000 000 ALL

If you cover the points above and would like to apply for a mortgage loan in FIBANK, it is necessary to:

  1. To fulfill an application form in one of the branches of FIBANK and to submit the required documents;
  2. To show us the property which will be a collateral - it will also be visited by an official independent evaluator and an official evaluation report will be prepared if the loan is approved (paid by the applicant)
  3. In case of approval of the application form:
  • To sign a loan and a mortgage contract
  • To block the property in favor of FIBANK - all expenses are covered by the applicant
  • To insurance the property in an insurance company appointed by the Bank


Personal documents for applicant, co-applicant, guarantor:

  • Copy of the ID card or the passport
  • Family certificate
  • Address verification, only if the client does not live in the property used as collateral
  • Verification of income issued by the employer or self-employment documents as below:
    • QKR extract for the sole trader;
    • Declaration of annual income at the tax office;P&L; Balance sheet
    • Bank payment orders for tax, health and social insurance due.
  • In case of other exposures - contracts with the other banks, institutions etc.

Collateral documents:

  • The purchase contract (Kontrate Shitje) or donation contract (Kontrate Dhurimi) or exchange contract (Kontrate Shkembimi) or court decision (Vendim Gjykate) or inheritance certificate (Deshmi Trashegimie), which finally transferred the title of ownership of the property to the existing owner/s;
  • Any previous contracts (purchase/exchange/donation contract) or court decisions or inheritance certificate, starting from the first transfer of the title of ownership from the state;
  • Site permit (Leje Sheshi Ndertimi);
  • Construction permit (Leje Ndertimi);
  • Exploitation permit (Leje Shfrytezimi);
  • Preliminary contract between the landowner/s and investor;
  • Final contract between the landowner/s and investor;
  • Any contract (i.e. Purchase Contract (Kontrate Shitje) or donation contract (Kontrate Dhurimi) or exchange contract (Kontrate Shkembimi) or court decision (Vendim Gjykate) or inheritance certificate (Deshmi Trashegimie) or decision of the committee of properties restitution and compensation (Komisioni per Kthimin dhe Kompensimin e Pronave ish - Pronareve) etc), which prove the transfer of the title of ownership on the land, in favor of the landowner/s.

In case of purchase of a new property:

  • Preliminary contract for purchase - sale of the real estate and a document to certify an advance payment (if any) in compliance with the contract.

Documents of the seller of the property offered as collateral:

In case the seller is an individual:

  • Copy of the seller's passport (valid) + a copy of the family certificate. If the seller is married a copy of the spouse's I.D. card (valid passport) is required.

In case the seller is a legal entity:

  • Extract issued from the trade register not later than 10 calendar days before the application date;
  • Company's bylaws;
  • Decision of the company's competent body for mortgaging of the property and necessary proxy (if needed) to the person who per bylaws has the right for signing.

Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

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