Fibank Deposit

Do not miss the summer offer at Fibank! Super interests and service package without commissions!

Open a deposit with us and benefit:

  • High interest rates up to 5% in Lekë and 2% in Euro
  • Debit and credit card without commission for the first year
  • Mobile banking and utility payments without commission until the end of the year
  • 0% application fee for consumer loans
  • Maximum flexibility

Fibank offers a wide range of deposits and is one of the most diverse banks in the market in terms of products and their characteristics.

We invite all existing clients to see the excellent opportunities for the diversification of their investments by choosing maximum flexibility, different maturities, different currencies, high interest rates, etc. according to individual specifications and desires.

Through Fibank, you can invest in various instruments such as corporate bonds, Albanian government bonds in Lek & Euro, investment funds, etc.

Our staff offers professional financial advice to all interested individuals to find the optimal ways for their savings and investments.

What are the customer benefits?

Interest rates are very competitive in the market.
Interest can be paid at the end of each year.
The interest amount can be added to the principal amount.
No fee is applied for opening a deposit and maintaining an account.

Can you withdraw your deposit before the maturity date?

YES. You can withdraw part or all of your deposit before the maturity date. You do not receive interest only for the period of the year in which the deposit is withdrawn. No withdrawal penalties are applied. In case of early termination, the client benefits the full principal and interest of previous years but not the interest of the year during which the deposit is terminated. This deposit can be used as collateral.

You can quickly and easily open a deposit account at any Fibank branch.

You will be asked:
1) Identity card
2) Deposit mandate
3) Signing the contract for opening a deposit with Fibank

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