Current Accounts

The current account of Fibank provides you with various opportunities to effect the payments of your company and at the same time to receive up-to-date and timely information.

You have the opportunity to:

  • Open an account to your company in the currency preferred by you - Lek, Euros, US dollars or British Pounds;
  • Use the funds on your account at all branches of the Bank;
  • Make cash and cashless payments, receive and order funds transfer in national and foreign currency;
  • Receive up-to-date information;
  • Use the Virtual Banking Branch of the Bank;
  • Receive statements with current information about the balance and the activities on your account at an office of the Bank chosen by you.


You can open a current account with First Investment Bank by visiting a branch of the Bank which is the most convenient for you.

You will have to present the following documents

For legal entities and Sole Proprietors:

  • Request for opening of account
  • Specimen of the signatures of the persons who shall have the right to dispose of the funds in the account on behalf of the holder and copy of their identity cards, where on the person signs in order to verify his/her consent to have the copy made - - to be filled in at the Bank office.;
  • Certified copy of the authorization act of the persons who have the right to dispose of the funds in the account;
  • Copy of the Statute of the Company;
  • Copy of the Establishment Act ;
  • Extract from QKR

For foreign legal entities:

  • Official documents certifying the national registration of the foreign legal entity;
  • Request for opening of the account addressed to the Bank and signed by the holder's legal representative or another authorized under the court registration person, such request specifying the names of the persons who shall be entitled to manage the account as well as the rights conferred to them.

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