Credit Cards for Students

What is a Visa Classic Credit Card?

The credit card is an international bank card which enables the provision of a mini loan, with student facilities, for personal use in various stores and for internet purchases. You can benefit from a free interest- period and minimal interests after this period.

Why do I need this card?

  • As a student you may need an amount up to 15'000 Lek and you can not collect them at once;
  • If you want to buy on the Internet (USB, Book, shoes), if you want to pay your bills online, if you want to buy in stores and shopping centers;
  • Spend up to 15,000 ALL and pay in installments of 1'500 ALL per month;
  • Pay within the specified period and you have neither interest nor commissions;
  • Modern product, used all over the world by students;
  • Exclusive product for students only in Fibank.

What is the Credit Card for STUDENTS?

Students have different needs, but small incomes. Without weighing down your pocket, Fibank offers you a credit card, so you can use it to buy something of average value, such as a cell phone, school books, clothes, other products from the Internet etc. You buy with the funds offered by the bank and then you can pay the installment or the total obligation.


How does credit card work? Do we have to pay many commissions?

With your credit card, you use the limit that the bank gives you through the credit limit. To repay this loan you can pay all the obligation within a deadline of up to 45 days, without paying any interest or commission to the bank, so you pay only as much as you spent. If you need to repay by installments, you can do it against a minimum interest.

How much are the installments I have to pay if do not fully pay the obligation?

Student credit card has a limit of 15'000 Lekë and installment of 1'500 Lekë per month.
If you use these funds this month, you have to pay installments within 15th day of the next month, a fixed amount of 1'500 Lekë. If you pay the bank all the amount you use within a term of up to 45 days, the bank does not hold any interest.
If you pay installments of 1'500 Lek, you have a monthly interest of 1.65%, which is calculated only for days until you make the payment.

Where can I use this card?

The card can be used in:
Stores where there are POS, in Albania and abroad
Shopping Centers, in Albania and abroad

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Credit Card Parameters:

Credit Card type
Visa Classic
Currency ALL
Interest conditions In accordance with the Bank Tariff
Grace period Up to 45 calendar days
Credit limit 15.000 ALL
3 years with a possibility of automatic renewal
Issuance charge Free
Annual Maintenance Charge In accordance with the Bank Tariff
Term for card issuance
Up to 3 workdays in Tirana and up to 5 days in other cities.
POS-purchase or online shopping Free of charge

You can apply for issuance of a credit card in one of the following ways:

  • by visiting one of the Fibank branches and completing an application for issuance of a credit card. You will be informed for the credit limit and for the date when you can take ;
  • by applying on Internet on our website. Once your card has been approved within 3 days you will be notified to withdraw your card at the branch where you made the application.

Renewal of revolving credit cards:

  • renewal due to the expiry of the credit card's term of validity:
The validity of the credit card* is 3 years and it is automatically renewed after the expiry of that period. You can receive your reissued credit card after the 20th day of the month in which it expires at the bank branch where you have filled the application for issuance.

* On the front side of your card, you can see the marked relief figures representing the validity term in the following format: VALID 04/20 THRU, where the first two digits indicate the month and the second two ones - the year. This means that in the sample the card is valid until the end of April 2020.

  • reissuing the card due to theft, loss, forgotten PIN code or other reason:
If your card is stolen, lost, you forget your PIN code or any other reason requires its reissuance, you should visit a bank branch and provide an identity document. Reissuance of the card shall be charged in accordance with the Fibank's Tariff.



Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

Apply now for your Visa Classic card by submitting:

  • Identity Card / Passport
  • Document from the relevant faculty that certifies that you attend the studies 
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