Why Fibank Cards?

With a debit card you can pay your dinner in the restaurant, purchases in the store or your flight ticket. You can also use it to shop on the Internet and of course you can wothdraw cash in every ATM with VISA logo, all over the world.
Fibank offers a secure debit card for you.

The credit card is not a necessity, but a convenience - you can always rely on additional funds wherever you are. The credit card is a valuable travel companion but it will be useful to you when shopping in the local store as well.

  • Visa Classic

    Fibank issues credit cards that can be used around the world with a simplified procedure that does not require much time and documents.

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  • Visa Gold

    Fibank's Gold card is the most valuable thing in your pocket. It is even more valuable than money because even if you don't have any, the prestige given by Visa Gold will save you.

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  • Credit Cards for Students

    Students have different needs, but small incomes. Without weighing down your pocket, Fibank offers you a credit card, so you can use it to buy something of average value, such as a cell phone, school books, clothes, other products from the Internet etc.

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  • Visa Electron Debit Cards

    With this card you can buy in Inernet, withdraw money from ATMs, buy in stores, shopping and pay bills online, wherever you look at the VISA logo.

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