Mission and Values

Mission Statement

FIBANK aims to be one of the top 10 banks in Albania and in the region that is known for a fast-growing, innovative, customer oriented that delivers products and quality services, to find excellent opportunities to develop their employees and contribute to friends.

Business Standards of Fibank

We hold firmly to:

  • The pursuit of the highest standards in banking practice:
    Fibank aspires to provide its customers with bank products and services of the highest rank in accordance with the best banking practices. We aspire to be amongst the leading banks in the region and to occupy a long-term leader's position among our competitors.
  • Business solutions based on strict confidentiality:
    We do not make any comments before third parties about the conditions and the deals concluded with our customers. Information about our customers may be revealed only to the supervising authorities such as the Bulgarian National Bank, the Financial Supervision Commission, the courts and other institutions to which the banks are legally required to provide information in the cases and under the circumstances provided by the Law.
  • We value and respect our business partners:
    Clear and transparent relations are amongst the basic principles we value and seek in our business partners. We are convinced that when these conditions are met we can maintain long-term business relations.
  • We are a socially responsible institution which contributes to the community:
    Fibank is a modern bank which realizes its role in the society and makes its contributions by actively participating in social events, supporting non-profit-making companies and organizations with idealistic purposes which are working in the field of education, culture, charity.
  • We are responsible for our decisions and actions:
    We fulfill all the engagements we have undertaken and consider ourselves directly responsible for every action of ours. In addition to legal responsibility under the existing Bulgarian legislation, we bear moral responsibility for all our actions towards our clients and partners.
    The bank products we offer are structured in accordance with the modern standards and technologies in a manner to facilitate our customers in their everyday operations, to completely meet their technical needs and to support their development as economically stable persons.
    We, the bank officers, are also responsible for the information we give to the customers, for its authenticity, exhaustiveness and actuality. We consider it our main responsibility to render the information in an understandable and unambiguous way.


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