SME Mortgage Loan

Product Parameters:

Currency ALL, EUR
Maximum Tenure Up to months 180 
Loan purpose Individual financing: Investment in immovable property
Collateral Mortgage on immovable properties 
Pledge on movables 
Personal Guarantee of the business owners.

Equal monthly instalments 
Bonus Credit card VISA CLASSIC pre-approved limit 1,000 EUR or equivalent in ALL:

Eligible clients

  • Client is operating the activity since at least one year 
  • Client has the license before the application 
  • Clients should have paid the taxes

1.Legal Documents:

  • NIPT 
  • QKR extract 
  • By law of the Company 
  • Passport of the Administrator 
  • Other documents required case by case 
  • Foundation act 
  • Certificates from Bailiff Office, Tax Authorities etc.

2. Financial Documents:

  • Balance sheet 
  • Profit & Loss 
  • Cash flow 
  • Contracts with customers, suppliers 
  • Account statements in other banks 
  • Other docs. Required case by case

3. Collateral Documents

  • Certificate of the property
  • Fresh cartel 
  • Origin of Property Verification 
  • Property Insurance
  • Other docs. Required case by case

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