Why should I choose Fibank?

The First Investment Bank, Albania Sha, is an important financial institution in Albania.
We are client-oriented and we offer a variety of innovative banking products and services.
In our activity we adopt and develop high standards of work.
We are proud of our creative and well-organized team.

The Department of Human Resources aims to promote a positive working environment and appreciates professional and collaborative relationships by recognizing the importance of individual contributions.

We encourage and maintain open communication channels within the Bank as a reliable source for employees who need support and adaptation to work policies and procedures.

Within the frame of its network expansion and growth activity FIRST INVESTMENT BANK - ALBANIA SHA would like to announce vacancies. Please click the section: Vacancies

Vacancies and recruitment process

Jobs vacancies are published on the internal and external site of First Investment Bank, Albania Sha. They can also be published in different newspapers or on the network portal of companies that we are providing service agreements for this purpose. For applying for a job, the interested person should send it to the Human Resource email address
- CV updated;
- Letter of interest.

Note: Human resources staff will contact only the selected candidates for the interview.

The CVs sent at the Human Resources are reviewed and are selected the candidates for interview which meets the criteria, according to the vacancy announcement. The first interview will be attended by representatives from the Human Resources Department and from the department where the vacancy is announced. Interviewees are subjected to testing.
After the first interview, the candidates included in the "shortlist" will be interviewed from the members of the management.
In conclusion, throughout the interviews process, participants in the interview meet and take a decision on announcing the winner.

Vacant positions:

Fibank Albania Sha, provides opportunities for conducting professional practice in support of young professionals who have graduated in Bachelor and Master program programs by offering a qualification experience that influences the development of their professional skills.

We are working on realizing concrete suggestions for career counseling for practitioners and providing general knowledge to our institution.
The selection of practitioners is carried out based on the following elements:
- To have completed the first study program of "bachelor";
- To speak English;
- To be communicated, able to work in groups, etc.

Students who want to carry out professional practice at Fibank must submit by e-mail or in personal the following documents:
- Certificate from the University;
- Curriculum vitae;
- Photocopy of ID.

Interns will be provided with certificates upon successful completion of the professional practice program at FIBank.


Fibank pays a special attention to the training and development of its personnel. Training programs are planned on an annual basis in order to be always aligned with business needs and priorities, individuals' development needs and changes in the regulatory environment.

For young employees, special training is organized starting from:

  • Presentation with employees at the Headquarters on the first working day with the aim of creating a general overview of bank history and services.
  • Intensive training in each department according to a detailed agenda.
  • Testing knowledge at the end of the training

Fibank undertakes to not use and not transmit personal data to unauthorized persons obtained for employment purposes, unless expressly authorized by the entity, or required by law.
Personal data will be used in accordance with law no.9987, date 10.03.2008 for "Personal Data Protection", as amended.

We are obliged to keep the confidentiality of personal data, taking all the necessary organizational and technical measures for their safety.


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