Fibank Deposit

Fibank offers you a variety of deposits with high flexibility!


"4 Year Dynamic Deposit", with progressive interest rates up to 6.5% in ALL, 2.5% in EUR / USD.


"2 Year Deposit" with 2% interest in ALL & 1% in EUR.


If you would like your funds to be at your disposal without any restrictions and receive high interests then "OPEN DEPOSIT" is for you in ALL & EUR. This deposit offers you the opportunity to Deposit and Withdraw anytime without losing any accumulated interest.


Did you know that Fibank offers the highest interest on a Savings Account than any other bank for a 1 year deposit?! Fibank Savings Account offers you the opportunity to better manage your savings. You can deposit and withdraw when you want without losing interest!


"Record" deposit offers you the opportunity to get interest from the beginning! Take advantage of the flexibility of the “Record” Deposit in ALL/EUR/USD. It is a combination of high interest rates and prompt payment of all interests on the day of the deposit.


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